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Dining Blogs: Peek at Pok Pok NY and More Links

Dining Blogs: Peek at Pok Pok NY and More Links

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In today's Link Love, a spa that serves chocolate tastings, plus how to trick Seamless into giving you practically free food

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• Here's a sneak peek at Portland's Thai mecca Pok Pok, opening in Brooklyn, N.Y. (left). [Gastro Chic]

• Apparently, at San Francisco's Saison, it's cheaper to eat at the Chef's Counter on the weekends. Explanation ahead. [The Price Hike]

• Eat like a Wall Street banker off Seamless by tricking the system to give you tons of $10 off coupons. [Buzzfeed]

• Some geniuses thought up the idea of having a spa serve chocolate tastings, bringing life's best indulgences together at last. [Living on the Vedge]

• Let's decode the ticket at Next's elBulli menu. [Bon Appétit]