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Chicken curry like at his mother's house

Chicken curry like at his mother's house

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Marinate the chicken in yogurt, half the chilli, salt, pepper for 1/2 hour. Put the oil in a pan and heat it. Fry the ginger and garlic a little, then the onion until golden. Add the tomatoes, the remaining chilli powder, the turmeric powder and cook for 1 minute, stirring not to stick.

Put a tablespoon of oil in a separate pan and cook the meat until done. Put the meat over the sauce, mix and cook for another 5-10 minutes. When ready, put the parsley leaves and serve with rice or bread.


I make this bread recipe like at my mother's house every time I miss my mother and of course the quick bread she made, once on the stove… now in the pan. My mother also makes it in the oven, but the cakes are so tasty and soft that most of the time when they are with her I eat them first empty, then with cheese, butter or anything else at hand.

Ask her what the secret is, now, on the occasion of the Winter Holidays, I realized that it's all about her experience and her skilled hands who feel how soft and kneaded the bread is before it is leavened. accurately measure the quantities of ingredients.

I start with 600 grams of flour, 2 teaspoons of salt, 400 ml. warm water, 1 tablespoon sugar and 15 grams of fresh yeast.

For starters, make a mayonnaise from a tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of flour and fresh yeast, ingredients that I mix with 2 tablespoons of warm water and leave for about 15 minutes until the sugar activates the yeast, the composition increases and makes a few blisters.

I add the mayonnaise over the sifted flour prepared in the bowl, the salt and the 400 ml of warm water and turn on the mixer that I let it do the work for me for about 10 minutes.

I took into account one of my mother's tips and left the composition a little softer. Every time I told her that my bread didn't come out as soft as hers. And she really only feels it when she shakes her hand for a few more minutes. I realize that the dough is kneaded enough after I press it with my finger and it returns to its original shape.

I covered it with a towel and left it to rise for about an hour, in a warm place. While I was waiting, an original idea came to me, as always. But now I don't add anything extra but I decide to heat the oven to prepare some nicely browned buns. From the prepared composition I got 6 cakes and 4 buns of about 110 grams.

After I prepared the buns that I put in a tray and left them to rise for a while, I spread the cakes and baked them on the stove in a pan covered with a lid.

When the buns have risen a little, I caressed them with a brush soaked in milk and put them in the oven for 30-35 minutes at 200 ° C.

I would have said that they are more prepared for breakfast, but I can't help it… Not before breaking a piece of bread made like at my mother's house where I put two pieces of cheese while it's hot.

Nothing compares to the smell and taste of homemade bread, so to those who decide to prepare it, I wish them a lot of fun and GOOD LUCK!

Chicken food with vegetables

Chicken stew with onions and potatoes. Chicken food with potatoes, lots of onions and tomato juice, like my mother. A chicken stew with vegetables, with tender and juicy meat and a lot of sauce. We usually make chicken paprika with paprika, flour dumplings and sour cream, but sometimes [ recipes of foods with vegetables: Pots of vegetables with lentils and scrambled eggs Potatoes with green curry beans of spinach with halloumi simple curry of mushrooms 1.830 recipes, 37,320 comments and 54,076 votes

Chicken stew with onion and potatoes simple recipe Flavors

  1. chicken roll with ham and vegetables. chicken breast in bacon, stuffed with spinach. chicken breast with zucchini and tomatoes. chicken with lemon, garlic and olives. Provencal-style chicken stew. Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes. stew with chicken and mushrooms. Chicken stew with vegetables in crock pot. chicken stew with beans. rooster with wine. chicken.
  2. together you can combine in this category - baked vegetables, pan-fried vegetables, vegetable pies, all kinds of rolls, vegetable appetizers and vegetable pilaf. Certainly no vegetarian will stay hungry here, you will surely be amazed by this wide category of.
  3. Rice pilaf with chicken and vegetables, classic recipe. Pilaful is a food loved by some and completely disliked by others. It is a cheap and very tasty food if it is well cooked. In Ceausescu's time, rice was not appreciated, it was called ballast
  4. Chicken legs with vegetables and garlic in the pan - simple and quick recipe Chicken legs with vegetables and garlic in the pan - simple and quick recipe. How to make fried chicken with mushrooms, [] Chicken breast with mushrooms and white sauce with garlic - quick recipe in the pan Chicken breast with mushrooms and white sauce with garlic - quick recipe in.
  5. Vegetable food recipes. offers you a variety of recipes for delicious vegetable dishes with which you can delight your loved ones during the long weeks of fasting or diet. We invite you to easily and quickly cook the vegetable dishes offered by the chefs
  6. Chicken Food 123 recipes: Baked Chicken Potato Food, Chicken Food with Green Beans, Chicken Food with Leeks and Olives, Chicken Pea Food with Chicken, Leek Food with Chicken Wings, Lentil Food with Sausages smoked chicken, Food of ..
  7. Pumpkin dish with vegetables Baked zucchini with parmesan Tempered beetroot Velvet chicken breast with mustard sauce Carrot sauces Chicken breast roll with mushrooms and vegetables Bolognese sauce Eggplant dish with olives Pickled cucumbers in brine, in a jar - Retina VIDEO.

1. Season the chicken legs with pepper and a pinch of salt and fry in oil. Let it simmer so that it does not burn, together with 2 cubes of chicken concentrate, used as a base for the stew. 2. Separately, peel the eggplant and zucchini, wash, cut into slices, put the vegetables in the pan, the simplest recipe. Baked chicken with vegetables is cooked in about half an hour, so you have no excuse not to try this delicious recipe Chicken Breast Food 99 recipes: Pumpkin Food with Chicken Breast and Tomatoes, Chicken Breast Food and vegetables, Chicken breast food with baked peppers, Baked rice pilaf with chicken breast, Chicken au gratin with chicken breast, Chicken food with .. I can say with certainty that it is one of my favorite dishes because I love vegetables and I eat chicken quite often. Initially I wanted to call the recipe summer food with chicken and vegetables, but because it can be done in the fall I gave up the season, in the end you can prepare it in any season but I recommend you prepare it now when the vegetables. The chicken mushroom dish is ready and can be served with either bread or a garnish of basmati rice, like any other stew that we want to add flavor. Good appetite! See more. Chefs with knives was last night the audience leader on all segments of the public. More than 1,800,000 people watched the show

Vegetable food recipes

  • Re: Chicken breast stew with vegetables. Stew is a food cooked all over the world, differing only the ingredients - vegetables and meat, fish, seafood and spices - depending on the country. I really like to prepare it, including wok, chicken breast, with onions, potatoes, peppers, tomato paste, simple spices
  • ute, after the soy sauce will be incorporated into vegetables and chicken. 15 more are left
  • ute, during which time I dealt with vegetables. Carrots and peppers are cut into thin sticks.
  • We present you a quick pudding recipe with vegetables and baked chicken breast. Get a delicious, fragrant and special hot dish. This pudding is ..
  • Ingredients Chicken breast with vegetables. 1 chicken breast - about 600 gr, 5 potatoes, 2 carrots, 5 small red onions, 3 green onions, 50 ml oil, salt and pepper to taste, 50 ml water. Preparation Chicken breast with vegetables. Wash the chicken breast, cut into large cubes and season. Heat the oil in a pan, add the breast.
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  • one with a warm polenta, chopped green parsley and a glass of white wine. Even if you cook more, you can easily take it to work the next day, even if you reheat it, it will be as delicious as it was freshly prepared.
  • Put bacon with bacon in white wine sauce. Stir-fried beef. Spicy pan with vegetables. Pan-fried Brussels sprouts. Too short a dress played tricks on her! It's incredible what happened to the TV presenter in the middle of the street. Everything was seen, everything! These are the images of the day in showbiz
  • Rice with vegetables and chicken breast. see recipe. Potato pancakes. see recipe. Beans pod in a jar. see recipe. Baked tomatoes with tomatoes. see recipe. Peasant potato soup. see recipe. Baba ganoush - oriental eggplant salad.
  • or until the meat comes off the bones with great ease. 7. Serve chicken stew with vegetables with homemade bread or fresh polenta and plenty of sauce
  • with the lid on. Step 9. Then add the mushrooms and green beans. Let it boil for another 15-20 minutes
  • Calories Cooked food - the database of food calories. Note: All nutritional values ​​are calculated for an amount of 100 g
  • Baked chicken breast with vegetables, an extremely simple, tasty and very easy to make food. It is ideal when we want something light and healthy but, at the same time, very easy to prepare. We really like this chicken breast with baked vegetables, we make it with various vegetables, in the combinations we like or depending on what we have at hand.

Over 150 Vegetable Recipes - with PICTURES on STEPS - Recipes

This delicious chicken recipe with vegetables is good for the body, because the meat is rich in protein and the vegetables have a special nutritional value. At the same time, the preparation is very simple, and the ingredients are cheap and easy to buy. Chicken breast in tomato sauce with vegetables is a fairly fast food, healthy and without a doubt, very tasty :). And I brag again about my new Regis Stone frying pan with a stone effect and that's just because I really like how the food is made in this pan. For Chicken Breast in Tomato and Vegetable Sauce we need a piece of breast for a chicken (I had a piece. If you liked our recipe Danish food, with chicken and vegetables, in white sauce. don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use Nikon D3500. Other recipes: from dishes with vegetables and greens, small potatoes in cheese sauce

. I love Asian food and for a long time I only enjoyed it at the restaurant. That was until I had the courage to try the recipes in my own kitchen. I had the impression that the Asian recipes are hard to make, that they require hard-to-find ingredients and that it doesn't come out like in a restaurant. pepper to taste (possibly some salt, but only after tasting). The rice pilaf with vegetables is a fasting recipe that can be served both as a side dish and as a main course. I prepare this oriental rice with chicken whenever I want to make something good and satisfying to eat in 30 minutes. This recipe is a very simple one, after all.

Rice pilaf with chicken and vegetables - Recipes

Chicken Curry with Vegetables Written by Teo on 11/03/2014 in Chicken Recipes Yesterday I took Luca to the set, to spend more time together and because he generally has a great time with my colleagues, because this is how it is with us in the editorial office on a mind with Luca CHICKEN WITH OVEN VEGETABLES - Baked chicken legs with garlic, accompanied by vegetables that will become garnish, are a good, tender steak, with crispy skin and soft, juicy meat. cooked perfectly .. I think I never have time to do everything I propose Spicy chicken pan with vegetables. The recipe below for spicy chicken with vegetables I know from China. I really liked it due to the way it was prepared and the aroma obtained from the wok sauce. The Chinese don't cook vegetables as much as we do, and on top of that they cut them into much larger pieces. to eat even as such! You can prepare it when it is fasting and then serve it with a quick cabbage salad, or you can prepare it to serve next to a dish from [

- olive oil - salt - pepper. Preparation: 1. Cut the chicken breast into 1 cm thick strips and put in a hot pan with olive oil, salt and pepper. Fry over high heat for 5 minutes, then add the carrots, thinly sliced ​​sticks about 1 cm long. 2 Souvlaki of chicken and vegetables. Fresh, fragrant, warm and with a familiar holiday taste, chicken souvlaki with vegetables is a dish that you and your guests or your family will love from the beginning. It is a preparation that you make quickly and that children can consume without problems

Chicken food with bell peppers, quick and easy recipe for lunch Chicken dish with bell peppers, recipe with peeled tomatoes Mutti. It's been about 3 years since I made this delicious chicken dish with bell peppers, my favorite since childhood. Recipes Food - Baked chicken with vegetables. The other day I bought some very nice chicken legs that ended up in my Romertopf clay pot, along with lots of fresh and fragrant vegetables. If you want to try the recipe, I recommend using a clay pot, if not Romertopf, a Roman clay vessel

Baked chicken with vegetables, quick recipe for fried chicken. A chicken steak is easy to make and you never fail if you want something good for your family or guests. There are many recipes, simpler or more sophisticated, but very tasty. My chicken steak recipes are here. You can prepare any bunch of birds, exactly the same: duck, goose. When choosing dishes for the holiday meal, give preference to recipes, which will save you time and effort and which involve preparing the meat together with the garnish. We talk about baked goods - while baking, you manage to do many other things. We come up with a simple, tasty and affordable recipe that. Vegetable stew with chicken legs - How to prepare Cut the legs and brown on all sides, then remove from the pan and keep warm. Instead of meat, put finely chopped onions, sliced ​​carrots, sliced ​​peppers or slices and mushrooms cut into thin slices. I prepare this oriental rice with chicken whenever I want to make something good and satisfying to eat in 30 minutes. This recipe is a very simple one, as we are already used to. It is very tasty and takes you out of the impasse when you have to saturate yours in record time. Strain the rice with a sieve and cook lightly in a little olive oil and season with ground pepper. Keep warm until ready to serve. The chicken breast is cut into 1 cm wide strips. The chicken strips are marinated for 15 minutes, in a composition consisting of soy sauce, spices for steak and finely grated garlic.

Chicken soup with vegetables and noodles In our country, noodle soup is indispensable in the weekly menu. Most of the time they do it with chicken, but also rabbit or beef (especially bone marrow). Usually, I try to share it so that we can eat it exclusively with noodles. This is how children prefer it and it is the easiest for me too Difficulty level: Easy Number of servings: 4 Preparation time: 40 min If you want a quick and tasty lunch, I highly recommend the pea recipe with chicken legs. All you need are a few ingredients that cook in no time, and if you give up meat, you can definitely get [Ingredients for 4 servings of tomatoes: - 1 kg of tomatoes - 2 pieces of chicken breast - 3 onions - 2 peppers fat - 2 cloves garlic - 4 tablespoons oil - parsley - 2 celery leaves - salt - pepper - thyme. Step 1 Cut the onion and bell pepper into small pieces and put them to harden. During this time, cut the chicken into cubes and add it over the hardened vegetables. Step 2: Boil the tomatoes in salted water Bulgur Food with Chicken. Ingredients for 4 people. 3 tablespoons olive oil 250 g chicken breast 1 onion 2-3 cloves garlic ground pepper, vegetable mixture, bulgur and tomato juice. Mix and pour over 350 ml of water and simmer covered for 5 minutes on low heat. We stop the fire and let it rest for 15 minutes until the bulgur.

This pasta recipe with chicken and vegetables is made in just 30 minutes and in a single pot, which will definitely make your work easier. It is perfect for lunch and dinner, but at the same time for when you have guests because everyone likes pasta and chicken. So they will definitely be a success. Put the sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix well so as not to form lumps. Put it aside. Fry the cashew seeds in a pan with a drizzle of oil, then set aside. in yogurt and baked pepper salad

I made this chicken salad with vegetables, which is why it is a very light food. It's perfect if you like this kind of food or if you want to lose weight. But for many foodies it may be a little too light, so I advise you to add quinoa or brown rice. When serving, add sour cream. traditional recipe food Romanian, goulash recipe, stew recipe, traditional recipe food with meat, culinary preparations with meat, food of vegetables, recipe with vegetables, pots of.

Chinese food at the wok - the recipe for pork or chicken with

Among the cooked dishes served to the patients admitted to the Sibiu Pneumoftiziology Hospital are vegetable soups, meatball soups, soups with dumplings, for the first course, for lunch, and for the second course, pork leg stew with garnish, chicken paprika, polenta with cheese and omelet, spinach with. Green bean meal with chicken The other day, when we got home, we realized that we forgot to go to the market: D. So I took a look in the freezer and found what I needed to make a green bean dish with some chicken.

2835+ meat recipes: Strindberg schnitzel, lion liver, chicken meatballs with zucchini, homemade chicken liver pate, chicken wing ostropel Eggplant food is made with or without meat. If you choose to make it with meat, the chicken is the right one, either you choose pieces of legs, wings, or you choose to take a whole chicken that is cut into pieces, depending on how big it is. This is a soul meal for me, my mother made it and it was the best Ingredients Mexican vegetables with chicken breast - a boiled chicken breast and cut into small cubes - as varied vegetables as possible: peas, green beans, carrots, sweet corn, peppers - a tomato that is given through the grater with small mesh to make a kind of sauce - palm lard - spices Preparation Mexican vegetables with chicken breast Although its name clearly tells us as it is spicy, after waiting 2 days for it to fall off, I decided to cook it. It is a food that will overwhelm your papillae and make your blood run. How to prepare the spicy pan: First put the chopped chicken breast in a non-stick wok pan with a little oil. When the meat is just beginning to catch. Rice with a mixture of Mexican vegetables is a preparation that I make quite often, I always have at hand a bag of 1 kg of frozen vegetables of this kind. Pumpkin in cornmeal crust by Amalia on May 14, 2020 May 26, 202

Recipes Vegetable dishes - Chef

Food with chicken and vegetables from: chicken, green beans, cherry tomatoes, rice, peppers, parsley, oil, garlic, onion, salt, pepper. Ingredients: 500 g chicken 200 g green beans 500 g cherry tomatoes 2 carrots 150 g rice 2 hot peppers 2 bell peppers 1 bunch parsley oil 3 cloves garlic salt pepper 1 onion Mod [Dishes Romanian cuisine recipes, steaks, stews, meat dish , vegetable food, Romanian food recipes, Chicken breast with vegetables. Chicken meat, especially chicken breast, is one of the most beloved and consumed types of meat in our country. It is easy to prepare. What green vegetables go well with chicken? Chicken is generally fluffy and with a subtle flavor. So the right garnish can contain: Spinach can be part of a cold salad or a warm garnish. Spinach contains vitamins A and C and comes with a small number of calories - 20 / half cup.

Chicken Food - 123 recipes - Petitche

The other day I felt like making not only good food, but also cheerful. A cheerful dish being a colorful dish and I made chicken legs with vegetables in the oven I chose them to be chicken legs because I really like them. I made all kinds of vegetables. Not too many. About 10 potatoes the right size, even small. Recipe Chicken breast food with wok vegetables from the cookbook, Meat dishes. How to Make Chicken Breast Food with Vegetables at the Wok. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and commercial offers Pea food with vegetables A healthy food with vegetables that no one will refuse. It's summer, so I challenge you to eat more vegetables Vegetable food with chicken from: bell peppers, onions, garlic, chicken, cherry tomatoes, eggs, white wine, sunflower oil, bread, salt, pepper and thyme .. Ingredients: 3 bell peppers an onion 4 cloves garlic 500 g chicken 200 g cherry tomatoes 3 eggs 200 ml semi-dry white wine 175 ml sunflower oil First, noodles for Shan'shi wok . I suggest you eat these wheat noodles as such, as a staple instead of rice, boiled in salted water and flavored with a little sesame oil. Boil in maximum 4 minutes in salted water, they are not very floury, they behave very well when cooked, they are slightly elastic and pleasant to the taste

Tasty and fast dietary food - Culinary recipes

Chicken dish with summer vegetables Use baked pumpkin and tomatoes for a dish suitable for lunch or dinner. For this period you can prepare a dish of chicken and summer vegetables Chicken stew with vegetables to order. Free delivery (catering) in Bucharest. Chicken stew with vegetables to order with ingredients from Romanian producers Vegetable pots with chicken The pot is served both hot and cold, with hot peppers, onions, garlic or some sour. Summer food, the pot allows you to use a wide variety of vegetables, so if you have cauliflower, cabbage, donuts at hand do not hesitate to add them to the recipe

Baked vegetables with rice Peel the cauliflower, green beans, carrots and goulis and boil them separately in salted water. Then wash the rice, cook it a little in 2-3 tablespoons of melted butter, quench with a cup of water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. After boiling the vegetables. The wood oven is the best pizza, pasta and cooked food delivery service in Bucharest. The wood oven delivers the best food, pasta and pizza in the wood oven, in Bucharest. The wood oven, 17 years of perfect culinary experience. The taste of our products is unmistakable. How to prepare the recipe: If they are not already deboned, we start by deboning the chicken legs and cutting them into pieces. Because I used a country chicken to fry it, I marinated it for a few hours in wine. If the chicken is commercially available, there is no need to marinate the chicken, but this is a handy way to get a much more flavorful eggplant and chicken dish. at 180 degrees. Wash the thighs and then wipe them with an absorbent kitchen towel. Peel the potatoes and carrots and cut them according to preference. I cut the potatoes into medium-sized cubes and the carrots into sticks. Wash and finely chop the green garlic

Vegetable stew with chicken - Culinary recipes - Romanian and

a few leurda leaves, an apple, chicken. Preparation: Boil the chicken. Separately, boil the carrot with the parsley, celery and parsnip. When they are almost cooked, add the diced potato, bell pepper, loboda, leurda, peeled and diced apple and garlic clove. 4 pieces beaten chicken breast, 1 banana, cheese, oregano, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, salt. Preparation: The pieces of beaten chicken breast are seasoned on one side with a little salt and oregano. Put in each a piece of banana and a piece of cheese and make the roll that is fixed with toothpicks. Roll the beaten egg and breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil. Dissolve the starch in half a glass of water, mix well and pour into the pot and turn a little with a wooden spoon so as not to make lumps. The salt is added after about 10 minutes, after the soy sauce is incorporated into the vegetables and chicken. Leave on low heat for another 15 minutes and then turn off the heat

Pan-fried vegetables Baby

Chicken stew with mushrooms and vegetables, simple and tasty food based on the chicken and the garden of the peasant who always knew how to capitalize on the fruits that are temporarily found in his yard. So the freedom in choosing vegetables for this stew is great, remaining as a basis the tomatoes that are fully ripe and juicy just when the chicken in the farmer's yard a. Never refuse a portion of chicken with vegetables in the wok. It's delicious! If you increase the quantities, you have a perfect meal for the whole family. It is a recipe that belongs to the famous British nutritionist, Annabel Karmel, whose children's recipe books I highly recommend. Ingredient. 1 chicken breast Next to chicken and vegetables I boiled a little long grain rice, but you can also use rice pasta or eat simple, as such At the end it looks like this: If you want, in addition to the vegetables mentioned you can add celery , bamboo and even pineapple for those who love something like that, with the mention that pineapple makes it quite sweet

Chicken Breast Food - 99 recipes - Petitche

I confirm that I am over 16 years old and I agree that will collect my name and surname, email address, year of birth and county, in order to receive newsletters and promotional e-mails. I want to subscribe to the divahai newsletter Pilaf with chicken and vegetables, classic recipe, a bob pilaf with bob, tasty and aromatic. POTATO MEAT WITH CHICKEN MEAT 1 I don't know how. Rating: 5 - 2 reviews - 1 hour 5 min. Pepper stew with tomatoes and beef in the recipe book. I was telling you last week that I have. Ingredient: 500 g chicken breast, 4

Try the rice with chicken breast and oranges, it is easy to make and. If you like simple foods and want to give up bread, prepare your couscous with chicken breast and vegetables in the oven. Couscous is a traditional food in many African countries, but also in the Middle East Buy BIO Wet Yarrah Food with Chicken Pieces with Vegetables and Chicory, WITHOUT CEREALS, for dogs, 150g from eMAG! You are free to pay in installments. You benefit from the promotions of the day, the opening of the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back Today we bring you a chicken dish with chickpeas. A healthy food that prepares quickly, excellent for periods when we do not have much time, but still want to prepare a consistent food. Great help in the kitchen are canned food from Sun Food, healthy and quality canned food

Homemade noodle chicken soup

men are the best chefs but not the Romanians probably, most of whom rub mint and wait for only wives, mothers or friends to cook the one on this site is a rarity and is an example for other Romanian men, congratulations and ready with clichés

you are sorely mistaken. probably so will your husband (sorry) but me and many men (friends or just acquaintances) love to cook, and especially for festive meals, when we can improvise.

If I have to give my opinion, I think that Romanian men can be the best chefs when they cook for pleasure, not out of obligation. Probably if I worked 8-10 hours in a factory and then I would have had to cook three meals a day (every day!) I think I would quickly pass all the cooking fun :)

I am a man, I work 8-10 hours a day in an office and I cook about 3-4 times a week, especially soups and two kinds. And you know what. I found that this occupation is much more relaxing and pleasant (what can I say useful.) Than sitting for hours staring at the TV!
Thanks for the recipes, I've been cooking almost exclusively for your networks for a few months now and I haven't missed any food so far.

With pleasure, I would like you not to miss any recipe from now on. I'm a bit deficient in the soup / soup category, but I'll try to recover. I'm just getting ready to post the belly soup recipe, I hope you like it.
Clearly, this occupation is more productive than staring at the seemingly more and more dubious quality shows that our televisions broadcast. It seems that when you like what you do you find unsuspected energies and get over the fatigue accumulated at the office :)

Although my answer comes quite late, I feel compelled to complete :) My husband cooks rarely but cooks very well. She knows a few recipes, she only goes into the kitchen when her mother-in-law is not present, but she makes a food to lick my fingers. By comparison, if the two of us cook the same recipe, it turns out better. He has that feeling! That feeling that makes the difference between a simple meal and a delicious one. Cristina O

How to prepare semolina dumplings. The recipe that doesn't fail

Put the strained soup pot back on the stove over low heat. The eggs are peeled with everything, as well as the semolina. It is advisable to use a kitchen scale, otherwise the dumplings will not come out properly.

Beat the eggs whole with a fork, then gradually add the semolina, a teaspoon. Homogenize the composition each time the semolina is added. Halfway through the semolina addition process, salt can also be added.

After the semolina has been incorporated, leave the composition for 10 minutes to thicken. With a pre-moistened spoon, shape the dumplings, then add them to the soup, which is slowly boiling. Put about a quarter of a tablespoon for each dumpling.

The dumplings are left to boil for about 10 minutes on low heat, after which they are extinguished and left for another 10 minutes under the lid. Finally you can put the carrot slices and the pieces of meat back in the pot. Good appetite!


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