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Bibhu Mohapatra RTW Fall 2014: This Collection Is Redefining the Metallic Trend

Bibhu Mohapatra RTW Fall 2014: This Collection Is Redefining the Metallic Trend

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For all those cool girls that like to flirt with the line between minimalism and cutting-edge trends, Bibhu Mohapatra’s Fall 2014 line is a totally drool-worthy collection. Yesterday during New York Fashion Week, the designer showcased his pieces; designs influenced greatly by past collections and a string of DNA code that was made into a print, doused in metals and sent down the runway. He constructed a characteristic look that borders between the opulent and simple, and updated trends in a very versatile way.


When we think of metallics, glitter, sparkle and shine usually come to mind, and while it is all those things, it never really strikes us as a neutral. Some of the dresses that came down the runway were quite plain in both style and design, with added metallic prints that gave it a little extra oomph without going all-out disco fever. Unless you’re looking for disco fever—in which case you’ll want to invest in some platforms, gold bling and feathered hair—but for the look at Bibhu Mohapatra, sleek locks and very basic accessories helped to downplay the glam.

Between the neutral and bright color palette there wasn’t a lot of black, something that we acknowledge is hard to avoid when it comes to winter collections. It was used minimally in coats and jackets as well as a few prints, but beige, plum, red and even mustard yellow were far more popular colors. Personally we dig the yellow, and, yes, pairing it with gold makes it look even more garish, but we love that sort of ugly-beautiful trend that’s going on right now.

The collection casually combines party wear with business attire, leaving people wondering if we're just looking extra spiffy at the office or are heading to a party later. Likely both—and we love to keep them guessing. Studded blazers were paired with demure pencil skirts, while head-to-toe metallic sets came in cuts perfect for wearing as separates for the workplace. Then again it depends where you work—trendy online startup? Go for it. Law offices? You might be able to get away with one of these solid pencil skirts—maybe.

The thing we love most about this collection is the fresh take on such a hot trend. Metallics for daytime have become popular within the last few seasons, but with everyone dipping their hands into that gilded bowl, it’s hard not to wear it out too quickly. Mohapatra’s use of it in simple patterns and flat hues make it seem fresh and fun, which is something we’ll need by the time next fall rolls around.

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