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Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts

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Jane Bruce

Boiled Peanuts

For anyone not from the South or not familar with boiled peanuts, it can sound like an oxymoron. But for those who grew up on them, it's another form of comfort food. Salty, sometimes spicy and always delicious, boiled peanuts are a great snack, appetizer or conversation piece.

It's important to have a lot of time and patience on hand when making boiled peanuts for the first time. Everyone has different opinions on how soft and salty they like their peanuts, so it's not an exact science. But with a little practice, boiling peanuts can be one of the easiest and tastiest snacks to make.


Boiled peanuts can be made overnight, but it is safest to use a Crock-Pot in this scenario.


  • 1 Cup salt
  • 1/4 Cup seasoned salt, preferably Lawry's
  • 1/4 Cup ground chile
  • 4 water
  • 1 1/2 Pound peanuts, raw and in the shell

Hawaiian-Style Spiced Boiled Peanuts Recipe

It’s pretty much impossible to spend any real time in Hawaii without coming across boiled peanuts. Along with poke, they're are a classic happy hour&nb.

It’s pretty much impossible to spend any real time in Hawaii without coming across boiled peanuts. Along with poke, they're are a classic happy hour pupu (appetizer) and I can never seem to get enough of them. When I’m on Oahu, I stop by Tamura’s where there’s an awesome selection of booze, poke, and of course, spiced boiled peanuts. But I started getting annoyed that I was spending so much money on them since they require nothing more than a few ingredients and a few hours.

What Are Boiled Peanuts

A word about boiled peanuts: they have a long history as a snack in the Southern US, in China, and, in Hawaii (likely brought over by Chinese immigrants), yet each region is slightly different. Southerners boil their peanuts in salt and sometimes add in a ham hock, some chiles, or some Cajun spices. Chinese-style peanuts have star anise which lends an exotic taste that I way prefer. Hawaiian boiled peanuts are similar to Chinese style but made with Hawaiian sea salt, which gives them a unique taste. Go ahead and make a big batch because they’re totally addictive!

What To Serve With These Boiled Peanuts

This traditional Hawaiian-Style Spiced Boiled Peanuts recipe goes down great with a Spicy Ahi Poke Tostadas and a chilled Mai Tai Cocktail. With the simplicity of this snack dish, any type of beverage and the main dish will go perfectly with it.

Okay, that's all there is to it! Now go stock up on all your cooking essentials then share your creation with us by tagging @saltandwind and #swsociety on social!

Favorite Boiled Peanuts Recipes

There are different varieties of boiled peanuts, as well as different methods of preparation.

Because I believe cooking at home should be simple, not labor-intensive, I’m sharing boiled peanuts recipes that are easy to make, require few ingredients, and will allow you to enjoy this salty snack without a lot of effort!

Choose a recipe from the list below based on whether you own a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, whether you want plain or flavored, etc.

The origins of boiled peanuts reportedly dates back to the Civil War, when soldiers needed a reliable food source. They boiled fresh peanuts in salty water, which helped to preserve the peanuts.

1st we need to boil the peanuts. To the cook the raw peanuts you can either use an instant pot, Indian pressure cooker or cook them directly on the stove top.

If using Instant Pot – Wash and soak the peanuts for 4 hours. Add the soaked peanuts in to the steel container of the instant pot, add water and salt. Cook in the instant pot for 30 minutes. Let the pressure release naturally.

If using Indian pressure cooker them for 4-5 whistles in medium flame.

Drain the water from the boiled peanuts.

Prep all the ingredients- cucumber, tomato ( seeds removed), carrot, mango, pomegranate, onion and coriander leaves.

Add the boiled peanuts, all the veggies, onion, salt, chaat masala, red chili powder, coriander mint chutney and tamarind date chutney.

Mix it well and add some lemon juice. Let rest for 10 minutes, taste and adjust the seasoning and serve it immediately.

Chinese boiled peanuts

Peanut is not a nut it belongs to the bean family. Peanut was probably first cultivated in Portugal. However, the Portuguese introduced it first in china in the 17th century. Chinese boiled peanuts have different traits. Peanuts have many uses we can take peanuts as raw, medicine, soybean oil, textile materials and peanut butter.


  • Raw peanuts (Without any shells.)
  • Chinese five-spice powder (1tsp.)
  • Salt (1 tsp.)
  • Sugar (1 tsp.)
  • Soya sauce (4 tsp)
  • Water (4 cups)



Before you start your recipe, make sure you soaked peanuts in 5 cups of water for 24 hours in the fridge. And rinsed and then drained.


Turn on your oven to 400 degrees. First, put the peanuts in the bowl and add spice powder (Remember, don’t make too much spicy it may not be good for your health.)

Add sugar, but it should not be high since sugar is not good for a diabetes patient.Mix salt with it. (Remember salt causes high pressure. if you are a patient of high pressure try to avoid extra salt for tasty mood)


Put soya sauce into the mixture. And at last add water (4 cups).After ten minutes, it will start to boil. It takes about five minutes to come to the total cooking time is fifteen minutes. Now we have to cover it up.


I just turn off the heat. After combing everything, Transfer the things to a glass container.


Leave the container in the fridge over the night.

We can say that this is the best-boiled peanut recipe. I hope you will enjoy the dish, which is affordable and tasty.

Moreover, this recipe is different from sweet boiled peanuts since sweet boiled peanuts recipe depends more on sweet while the Chinese one is a mingling of everything. So the moment you put it into your mouth, you will find something unique quality.

Green Peanuts vs Raw Peanuts – What’s the Difference?

There two kinds of in-shell peanuts you can use to make boiled peanuts.

Green Peanuts are “fresh from the farm” peanuts. They take less time to cook, but are perishable. So if you buy them more than a day before cooking, you will need to refrigerate them.

Raw Peanuts are raw but dried, so they are safe to sit out for a week or two at room temperature. Yet they can take up to double the amount of cooking time, depending on the method you use.

Is one better than the other? No. They both produce soft plump boiled peanuts in the Instant Pot, Crock Pot, or on the stovetop.

Anyways let’s boil some peanuts!

Start with raw peanuts that are not dehydrated. Rinse these fellas well since they have lots of dirt on ’em. There’s nothing worse than feeling dirt or sand between your teeth!

Then all you have to do is boil the peanuts in salted water until it reaches a consistency you like. I like it to be soft, but not mushy–it should have some bite. Young peanuts taste better and cook faster, so I would just boil it for an hour, then check doneness by eating a peanut every 20-30 minutes until done.

There are other Asian and African variations on boiled peanuts that use spices, but I am completely happy with these. Maybe some other day! As if taste wasn’t enough for you, you can happily snack knowing boiled peanuts have 2-4 times more antioxidants than raw or roasted versions.

If you want to feel really Vietnamese, kick this up a notch by pairing these with some Heineken on ice.

Much like watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, Pirate’s Booty or Cheetos (mmm, Cheetos)… this is a snack I could just eat nonstop. What kinda snacks are you addicted to?

Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts, perhaps more than any other Southern snack, inspire a kind of intense cultural loyalty, one that crosses all lines of class and race. That may be why we missed them so when we moved away from Charleston to colleges in Massachusetts, and it's why, when we began to sell Southern foods by mail order after college (our liberal arts degrees be damned), we used the boiled peanut as the keystone in our little mail-order foods catalogue, which we named "The Lee Bros. Boiled Peanuts Catalogue" ( Boiled peanuts are associated with the outdoors, and can be purchased in the Charleston area by the side of the road from vendors set up in vacant lots and sandy strips on the way to the beach, adjacent to the ballpark, or at fairgrounds. They are prepared in homes as well, but rarely seen in a restaurant setting (with a few exceptions these days: Hubee-D's, Hominy Grill, The Bar at Husk, and The Wreck).

Like the ungainly name, the damp boiled peanut itself presents a few obstacles to universal enjoyment. Not everyone likes their distinctive grassy flavor or the clammy wetness on the fingers as one picks them apart—and they achieve some exclusivity by being challenging in that respect. Judged on flavor alone, with an open mind, they are divine. And the smell of peanuts boiling is, to us, part of the pleasure of the process. Our grandmother's landlady, the late Elizabeth Jenkins Young, once remarked to us (in her sonorous variant of the Charleston accent, with a sea island cadence from an upbringing on Edisto Island) that the smell of our peanuts boiling on Gran's stove reminded her of a "sweet potato gone sour." Not that she didn't like them she proudly displayed her I BRAKE FOR BOILED PEANUTS bumper sticker in the back window of the blue VW Rabbit she won at the 1983 Spoleto Festival auction. But the earthy quality of the peanut, which grows underground and is full of minerals, and the sweetness of it, does in fact suggest the basic character of a sweet potato.

When peanuts are freshly dug, and refrigerated like a fresh vegetable rather than dried, they are called "green" peanuts and these, when available (usually in the summer months and into the fall), are worth seeking out for their extra tenderness—cut about 4 hours off the boiling time below—and subtlety of flavor. Some green peanuts will be slightly immature, and like a soft-shell crab, may be eaten whole, shell and all.

Is Our Recipe Healthy?

Peanuts are in the same family as beans and lentils (they don’t belong to the nut family, as they’re from underground!). They’re loaded with nutrients— even more than any real kind of nut.

Not only are they naturally low in sodium, but raw peanuts are also rich in protein, fiber, potassium, and vitamin E.

1. Calories

In this boiled peanuts recipe, you’ll get 322 calories from a serving of 2 ounces of peanuts. In which, there are 252 calories from fat.

Peanuts are classified as oilseeds— a very large proportion of their harvest is mainly grown for oil. Though high in fat, most of their fat content is made up of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

2. Carbs

In the mentioned serving, you’ll also get 9 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of fiber.

Old-Fashioned Boiled Peanuts Recipe

Real boiled peanuts can only be enjoyed in the fall, when moist, green peanuts have just been plucked from wet dirt (mostly in the South). If you&rsquore growing peanuts, you&rsquoll be able to do this, or find a farmer who will sell you some green peanuts (see &ldquoRecommended Green and Raw Peanut Sources,&rdquo below). Your boiled peanuts will freeze well for year-round snacking, or you can also approximate the real thing by starting with raw peanuts. Yield: 1 pound.


1 pound green peanuts in the shells
5 tbsp kosher salt


Rinse peanuts well, and then add them to a stockpot. Cover them completely with cold water, then stir in the salt. Bring the water to a boil, then cover and reduce to a gentle boil over medium heat. Continue to boil the peanuts for about 3 hours, stirring every half hour or so. Add water if the level gets too low. Turn off the heat and let the pot sit with the lid on for about 30 minutes.

Serve the peanuts warm, and encourage your guests to suck the delicious brine off of the shells before splitting them open, tossing the shells on the ground and chomping on the savory nuts. For a different take, add several dashes of Old Bay or your favorite Cajun seasoning to the stockpot along with the nuts, then squeeze lemon juice over the peanuts before serving. Boiled peanuts are amazing with ice-cold beer or sweet tea.

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