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"Kabsa" with chicken

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"Kabsa" is a food that is served mainly in Saudi Arabia, where many consider it the national food, but also in the rest of the Gulf countries; however, it appears to have originated in Yemen.
It is a mixed food: rice and meat.
The spices that make it special are: pepper, cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, black lemon, bay leaves and nutmeg.
The meat used can be lamb, chicken, goat, shrimp.
The aroma is enriched with raisins, pine seeds, almonds and cashews.
Meat can be cooked in various ways.
"Mandi" is a Bedouin technique in which spicy lamb is grilled in a hole in the ground, which is covered until the meat is ready.
"Mathbi" is another Bedouin process, in which spicy meat is placed on flat stones placed on the embers.
"Madghoot" is the technique of cooking meat in a pressure cooker.
Loomi are dried black lemons; They are very popular in Arab countries and Iran. They are obtained by boiling and drying green lemons. They give the food an astringent taste and can be put in whole rice or ground with the rest of the spices.

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